Agiled – All in one business solution

All in one business solution


Agiled - All in one business solution


Agiled – The Comprehensive Business Solution You Need


When purchasing new software, people typically look for ease of use. If your app or software is easy to use, people will be on it right away. No one prefers to read documentation first and then check out the product! We are in 2020!! People want to play around with the app or software as soon as they can get their hands on it. It is therefore absolutely essential that software is intuitive in a way that people don’t need to go through a product manual just to get started!


This is exactly what you get with Agiled. A product that does not need any help to get you started. What’s even better is that it is an all in one business solution that is ideal for small businesses. It comes with everything you need to manage your business needs. For example, you are able to add clients and leads to send communications to. Each client can have a set of projects, invoices, estimates, tasks and so much more.


Within an hour, you can have your company logo, information, invoices, estimates, and CNAME (custom domains for white labeling and branding) configured and ready to go.


There are so many features in this application. It’s so much better than using various tools and trying to integrate them all together. This brings you everything in one platform and all online. Having your business portal online allows you to quickly and conveniently access this information wherever you are. You can login as an administrator to manage your business, or allow your customers to login whenever they want and interact inside the portal. Anything they do can be controlled by you and will be trackable in the reports.


We have signed up for the Business plan and we are currently moving all of our clients to this portal. Customers will be able to track all their requests sent to Eagle Digital Media Inc. from this online portal.


Key features in the Business plan include:

  • Adding clients & leads (CRM Module)
  • Manage teammates, employees, etc. (HR Module)
  • Manage projects, tasks, etc. (Projects Module)
  • Manage Invoices, Estimates, Expenses, etc. (Finance Module)
  • Manage contracts (Contracts Module)
  • Manage Proposals (Proposals Module)
  • Timesheets on Projects and Tasks (Timesheets Module)
  • Managing support tickets (clients can submit support tickets and you can respond)
  • Chat with your customers (yes, live chat via your portal)
  • Make announcements that all your clients will be able to see
  • Create products to sell via the portal

When we first tried out all the features, there was no need for any sort of documentation. Even until today, we have not looked at the documentation for this product at all. Everything was intuitive and easy to use from day one. We didn’t feel the need to resort to any help or ask questions. We’re so happy with this platform. It’s going to save us a lot of time and effort.


New features that are going to be useful:

  • Email Templates (for sending communications to clients and leads)
  • Reports (All kinds of reports are available in this product)
  • Forms (can be embedded on your website to capture leads)

Key Advantages:

  1. Everything in one platform (literally, EVERYTHING!)
  2. Easy to configure (you can be setup in less than an hour)
  3. Very flexible (highly customizable)
  4. Blazing fast (loads pages/requests seamlessly)
  5. Many 3rd party integrations (Zapier alone is enough!)
  6. Great customer service (ask them anything!)
  7. An exciting roadmap of new features (check it out here)

We are a registered reseller with Agiled and have limited space to offer special rates to our customers. If you would like to use Agiled for your business, please get in touch with us today. We will set it up for your business and make sure you are on the right track to success in no time. Whether you are a local company here in New Brunswick, or overseas, you will not regret managing your business using Agiled.


Using Agiled, you will be able to rely on one platform to fulfil most of your business needs and track everything effectively and efficiently.


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