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Eagle Digital Media Inc. was incorporated as an official Canadian Tax paying business in 2020 but has a wealth of experience through the professionals and experts we work with.
About Us

Born in Canada

Eagle Digital Media Inc. is a leader in the creation of digital solutions. We blend creativity, strategy and technology to help organizations define, deliver and manage solutions. In an online world that constantly changes, it can be hard to decipher the digital solutions, that deliver real and accountable value. That’s where we come in.


Every day Eagle Digital Media Inc. works with its clients to improve the communication, integration, efficiency and infrastructure of digital services all around the World.


Our head office is in Saint John, New Brunswick, and we are 100% Canadian owned. We do not have the conflicting demands of agencies headquartered elsewhere! Eagle Digital Media Inc. are working to make sure local expertise is developed to world class standards through the people we work with and the community of international expert consultants we have developed.

Digital & Media

Our Vision & Mission

Eagle Digital Media Inc. is working to ensure our local expertise is developed to world class standards through the people we work with and the community of international expert consultants we have developed.


Our vision is to make Eagle Digital Media Inc. a beacon of excellence across North America. Our mission is to help to turn our clients’ goals and objectives into reality across the spectrum of research, digital communications and technology infrastructure.


Our mission is to grow, build and maintain our leadership position in the areas of digital services from a technology and communication perspective across North America. To continuously create new opportunities for growth by developing solutions which deliver real business advantage

We strive to be the best and make awesome work.

Our experience extends back to the early 90s and our portfolio shows just a glimpse of what we can do.

Extensive Planning

We take our time to fully understand what you want and plan accordingly within the set budget.

Free Surprises

Throughout our working relationship, don't be surprised if we did things for free! We want you to be happy.

Digital Experience

The service we offer is up to high standards and to the latest technologies. We are professional experts!

Hot Features

We offer real great features that are too hot to handle! Check out our portfolio to see what we've done for others.

Free Consultation

It doesn't cost anything to talk to us. Get in touch and find out how we can help grow your business.

Awesome Support

We'll always listen and support you! No matter what the request, we'll try our best to make sure it's done!

We offer personalized and custom solutions for businesses in Atlantic Canada and around the World!


Locations Served

Our team has worked all around the World, in many cities, trying to help businesses grow.


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Although this number is actually a lot bigger, we are only counting the ones we are hosting right now!


Satisfied Clients

Over the years, we have worked with so many different types of customers all around the World.


Projects Finished

Our team has delivered many projects that we stopped counting after 239! Should we have continued?